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Engineering Tomorrow's Solutions for a Sustainable World.

Research and Development Collaboration

We collaborate with research institutions, tech companies, and universities, and beyond, to design and develop smart, innovative solutions, hardware and software.

Customised Problem-Solving and Project Management

Fyto provides technical expertise and solutions across multi-disciplinary fields. With a focus on fair-cost and efficient problem-solving, we design and implement ethical projects that aim to create a better world.

Vertical Farming and

CEA Agri-tech

We offer cutting-edge hydroponic LED growing equipment tailored for efficient and sustainable indoor farming. 


About Us

At Fyto, we are problem solvers at heart, driven by a passion for crafting ethical, sustainable solutions that make a significant impact on real world issues. We design, develop, and deploy innovations that challenge conventions, just transparent, honest, and impactful work.

Our roots in the agri-tech industry saw us nurture crops within the confines of our grow rooms, pioneering hydroponic LED growing equipment. As we honed our expertise in sustainable indoor farming, a new horizon beckoned—an evolution rooted in research, collaboration, and ethical engineering.

With an unwavering focus on sustainability, we believe in the power of technology and science to pave the way for a better world. From custom smart product designs to collaborative projects addressing global challenges, we're here to drive positive change, one innovation at a time.

Join us on this journey, where science meets solutions, and together, let's engineer a brighter, more sustainable future.


Prototyping and Rapid Development

Prototyping services enabling quick visualization and testing of product concept, with an agile development approach for swift iteration and enhancement of prototypes.

R&D Project Management

Our project management office can support you throughout your R&D journey, including grant-writing support, grant-funded project management, and comprehensive management of project and product development phases from conception to market launch.

Electronic Design and Engineering

3D Printing Services

Engineering Documentation and Compliance

Custom electronic design solutions, circuitry design, PCB layout, and firmware development tailored to unique product needs

3D printing technologies for rapid prototyping and production. Customized designs for components, housings and equipment tailored to specific requirements​.

Creation and maintenance of detailed engineering documentation for all stages of development. Compliance with industry standards and regulations in documentation and product design. Ensuring comprehensive records for quality control and future reference.

Sensor Deployment and Integration

Expertise in deploying sensors for precise data collection in various environments. Integration of sensor technologies for monitoring and optimizing growth conditions in indoor farming. Utilization of sensor data for informed decision-making and automated control systems

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