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There is a better way to grow our food


Newcastle's first and only hydroponic vertical farm.

Our vertical farm in Hoult's Yard, Newcastle supplies the freshest and most sustainable produce hyper-locally. To see our range click below!


Growing Equipment

Grow your own, anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're growing at home or growing on-site in your business, click below to see our range of hydroponic vertical growing equipment

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Why Vertical Farming?

Modern global food production and distribution are huge contributors to global warming and other environmental issues, including high transport emissions from global distribution, unnecessary water & land usage, soil health degradation & fertiliser run-off, excessive plastic packaging and food waste.

We believe a critical part of the solution lies in a hyper-local food production and distribution model, using hydroponic vertical farming. This allows the growth of a wide range of produce all year round, with very minimal affect on the environment. By moving the production of our food closer to the consumer, food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious, reconnecting us back with the produce we take for granted.


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